Hacking "Frozen" Doll Clothes: Help for Topless Princesses

Santa brought my daughter a cool Frozen "vanity closet," which is a pretty plastic case for Elsa & Anna's doll clothes. We already had the Elsa & Anna dolls from the Disney movie "Frozen." However, while the set comes with cool doll accessories and two (2) skirts, it does NOT come with tops for the dolls. So my girl was frustrated on Christmas Day trying to dress Anna & Elsa in half outfits.

I perused Amazon reviews and found that SOME Frozen dolls come with painted-on bodices and don't need additional tops. You just add-a-skirt and you're done. Our dolls weren't painted though, but looked like "normal" naked dolls when not wearing their original dresses. I promised promised promised that I would try to solve the problem by creating some Anna and Elsa tops myself. It was an act of mom magic I wasn't sure I could pull off...

A modest view of the problem.

I used one of our existing doll dresses as a guide and cut out a rough bodice shape. Then I sewed darts on the front and sides, hemmed the back closures, and zig-zagged the top. I sewed a single snap in the back to fasten. Finished enough for play!

Completed doll bodice!

Better, ya?

It's not fancy, but the kid was thrilled.

Elsa got a top, too. Here are the dressed dolls with their fancy closet! I like that their new strapless blouses are a little billowy and possibly ill-fitting, as if designed by Hannah Horvath. There's no need for every single thing to be perfectly tailored and shiny.

So has "Frozen" infiltrated your life at all? I really do think the songs are catchy.


Anonymous said...

Our son sang "Let It Go" last year to no end. He got some laughs while singing it out loud in a public restroom once.

The eyes on those animated figures (and dolls) are HUGE, disturbingly so. Not having a daughter means we escaped most of "Frozen-mania" except for the songs. If I want my son to stop singing "Let It Go" I sing it like Bill Murray would, in overly dramatic parody. My son hates that, and tells me to STOP!
Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Cool outfits! I haven't seen "Frozen" - is it suitable for adults?