How I would rather spend $300

This week I had a surprise! I got to spend $300, totally unplanned. Yes, that's three hundred spontaneous clams!! However, now that I've given it more thought, I would have preferred to spend that money in other ways. Here's what I'm thinking for an ideal layout of that much money:

DVDs of the first 2 seasons of Broad City ($30)

Small ceramic pitcher for milk or gravy ($10)

Gift of a therapeutic massage for a loved one ($80)

Sunday brunch with my family at duo restaurant ($80)

3 pairs of technical underwear (I like Ex Officio) ($60)

A new waffle maker, possibly that makes heart shaped waffles ($40)



Instead, somewhat under duress, I spent this money on a "front O2 sensor" for my Subaru. Also, I don't really have that money to spare, so I borrowed it from my daughter's college fund. But I'll pay her back next month, really!

What would you do with $300?


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