18 Miles in 20 photos: Sunday Long Run

Every Sunday, Goddess willing, I go for a long run. For the past 4 Sundays my training program has been VERY long runs (for me) of 16, 18, 16, and 14 miles. The first two were fine, but the last two of these did not go well. The weather had turned very cold again after a pleasant thaw, and my motivation and energy were seriously ebbing. Those 16 and 14 milers were executed with gritted teeth and a grumpy heart, which made me a little worried about today's run, another 18 miler.

I decided to mix it up today by making it a project. I took one photo every mile on the mile. Come with me on an 18-mile journey across Southern Vermont!


Starting at zero with snow in the background and bare branch reflections in focus. Last day of winter.

Mile 1: Heading north on Putney road

Mile 2: This is the "strip" near Staples/Peebles plaza

Mile 3: The left turn just ahead is Black Mountain Road (see small green sign), but I'm heading straight up Kipling Road toward the School for International Training

Mile 4: Here's Naulakha, the house where Rudyard Kipling lived briefly over 100 years ago. 


Mile 5: Going through a sugarbush (maple trees on both sides of the road are studded with taps & lines lacing them together), here's a sap gathering tank

Mile 6: Intersection of Middle Road and Dutton Farm Road in Dummerston, VT—this is Baker's Violin Shop

Mile 7: Dummerston Center, I'm just about to turn left at the church to head up East-West Road


Mile 8: Black Mountain Road—I hit its northern terminus after running up East-West Road for 3/4 mile. I'm now heading south again.


Mile 9: Still on Black Mountain Road, I just passed the trailhead to the "Little Black Mountain" trail. There were 6 cars parked there!


Mile 10: Black Mountain Road


Mile 11: Heading downhill on Rice Farm Road, about 10 miles of gradual gain unspools in 1-2 miles. I'm also now in the West River Valley and the temperature feels about 5 degrees colder.

Mile 12: Rice Farm Road runs north along the West River for about a mile

Mile 13: I crossed the Iron Bridge across the West River and am now heading south again on Rte 30


Mile 14: More Rte 30, the West River is on the left through the trees. This part is pretty boring, but it's also nice and flat.


Mile 15: More Rte 30, more West River

Mile 16: Rte 30, a little bit north of the Saxton's River Distillery and Fulcrum Arts gallery

Mile 17: Rte 30, Grafton Cheese shop is ahead (the red buildings)


Mile 18: Done! Except I decided to keep running the extra half mile home, because I can add it to yesterday's 7.5 miles and round out my weekly total.


18.5 miles covered a mere 205 minutes later!

It was a good run. My legs could have kept going, but my cardiovascular system was ready to stop!

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Anonymous said...

Great run! The photos make me
homesick for Vermont! M.