Ipsy Glam Bags! Winter 2016-17 Styles

The Ipsy glam bags that I get monthly are so inexpensive ($10 per month) and contain such fun stuff (5 products per bag) that I feel compelled to keep reporting about them. But let's bunch things up a bit. (And here is my referral link if you are inspired to check it out: https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref&sid=link&refer=z8mno )

The November 2016 Glam Bag had a Zodiac/Rock Starlet theme. I liked the Tarte Maracuja oil best from this one. I have no idea how to use it, but I saw a real Maracuja fruit (which is a type of passion fruit) on the vine in Costa Rica, so it seemed exciting to have. Also it is pronounced Mara-COO-ha (in Costa Rica at least).

The December 2016 bag was a party/New Year's Eve theme. My favorite has been that purple angled eyeshadow brush.

Here's the December bag itself: a deep-pink faux-fur look. Could be a cute wristlet, no?

The January 2017 bag was a neat perforated silver design and had one mind-blowing product in it—the grey nailpolish right under the "J" in this photo. This stuff (called "I Can't Deal" by Pretty Woman) actually sticks to my nails and does not chip within 24 hours like my usual nailpolish brand. This has been life-changing as I did not know that non-chipping manicures were even an option. So much to learn!

The February 2017 bag was a nice denim with neon orange zip, and contained technically SIX products (the two large masks were considered one thing apparently). So far my favorite here has been the Nyx Butter lipstick in Ripe Berry—perfect shade for me.

So I'm looking forward to the March bag! Do you have any monthly subscriptions? Will spring be here soon?

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