Linkin Up

Some links & info that people have sent me or that I've found. Posting here for safekeeping. How to give stuff to others instead of just junking it Michala Petri, recorder virtuoso. I am going through a phase of wishing I myself was a recorder virtuoso, so Michala is my idol.
casio wk-3000: I played one of these recently--76 key electronic keyboard. Saving my pennies now.
surprising quote: According to this USC site, "Dr. Appleby is also completing his research on methamphetamine use and risky sex among men who have sex with men as part of a state funded grant."
Charivari: Not bad musical group. Keyword: Jupiter
Alan Hovhaness: Composer I've never heard of before... now seeking Hovhaness works.
Keeping cats indoors: Just amassing info to support an ongoing household debate about whether our beloved cats should be allowed out into a world of cars, fences, fisher cats, and Log knows what else.

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