Excellent news--as of 5pm today, Brattleboro Vermont has independent radio again. And I, Prof. Kitty, will be back on the air with a new show called "Beef Jerky Time." Finally this blog can once again serve part of its original purpose: housing setlists from my shows!

It's been over a year since the FCC shut down rfb, where I was the last person to DJ on the night of June 21, 2005. "Beef Jerky Time" is on every Wednesday eve from 7-8pm. The station is WVEW lpfm at 107.7. I am SO relieved to have decent (and if not always decent, at least always varied!) music in town again. And I am so excited to get my "voice" back as a spinner of bluegrass, synth pop, 80s songs real and covered, mellow jazz, poetry read by poets, Haight Ashbury sounds, glam rock and heavy stuff, electronica, and whatever else I've got goin' that day! Welcome back, community radio!

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