Beef Jerky Time: 9/13/06

Here's the rundown from this week's show:

  • Shady Grove: Garcia, Grisman & Rice
  • Happy Hour Again: The House Martins
  • Love Cats: The Cure
  • Burning: Alsace
  • Father & Daughter: Paul Simon
  • On My Radio: The Selecter
  • Dance Hall Days: Wang Chung
  • Charlie: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Lakeville: Amy Correia
  • Which of Us is the Fool: Robert Palmer
  • Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy: 800 Cherries
  • Only Time Will Tell: Asia
  • Sing My Lord: Ponies on Fire
  • Together: William Shatner
  • Love Crown: Godzuki
  • Professor Pyarelel: from "Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars & Sitars"
  • Toi, tu n'ressembles a personne: Yves Montand

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