Coffee Table

Let's review. Here's a list of magazines our household subscribes to:

National Geographic
New Yorker
New York
Vanity Fair
The Smithsonian (gift)
Mother Earth News
Rolling Stone
The J. Peterman catalog (good reading!)

Is that a lot? I think my mom said that when I was a kid we got 56 periodicals at one point, though some of them counted as "research." Other magazines kicking around: we borrow The Economist every week from a kind subscriber. Also I often get Bust as a present. I like bitch but don't buy it often. We used to get Premiere and when it folded we were sent Us Weekly to run out our subscription. Crazy. I love Us but can't get past the pricetag so won't subscribe. (Clever of them, because then I spend $3 more when I buy it on the stand.) I like Vice and Complex but they're hard to find in New England. I am fascinated by the hydra-like Radar. I think we have 3 separate premiere issues of Radar. It just refuses to die!

We'd probably like to also get Interview and Cook's Illustrated. I have a secret desire to subscribe to Latina. If money was no object I might get the Burda mag that has sewing patterns right in it, plus I like Threads and the UK edition of Marie Claire. I subscribed to Interweave Knits for a while but it made me feel guilty because I never got around to knitting 1 thing from it. I also like magazines about things I'll never do in person, like climbing or surfing or skateboarding or fabric arts.

Here's today's Beef Jerky Time playlist! (Today's!!!! That is, 8/29/07.)
  • Soap theme
  • Dogs of Lust: The The
  • Drug Test: Yo La Tengo
  • No Aloha: The Breeders
  • I Love You: King Biscuit Time
  • Lightnin' Hopkins: REM
  • Why I Write Such Good Songs: Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • Lightbulb: Mezzanine Owls
  • Imagination: Erasure
  • Fiesta: The Pogues
  • St. Elmo's Fire: Brian Eno
  • If You Were Here: The Thompson Twins
  • Pretty in Pink: The Psychedelic Furs
  • Fire in the Twilight: Wang Chung
  • No Rain: Blind Melon

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