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"What I like about of Montreal"

They are peculiar. They use words in a way I don't quite understand, but it sounds cool. (Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider? Butterscotching Mr. Lynn? Rapture Rapes the Muses? I'd be a Yellow Feathered Loon? Yesss!) They have an arty vibe and seem kind of insane, brilliantly so. They use the word "f#$%" sometimes, but are generally radio friendly. They vaguely remind me of The Beatles (in a good way) and Kleenex Girl Wonder (in a very good, cultishly adoring way). They are prolific--if you don't like one song/album, there's another coming right along. They make good videos. They wear awesome outfits. They seem kind of mysterious--like who ARE they? When I say "they," am I just referring to what comes from the mind of Kevin Barnes? In conclusion, they have a new album "Skeletal Lamping" dropping next month.

Here is the 9*10*08 Beef Jerky Time playlist:
  • Je Veux Te Voir: Yelle
  • Elevator Love Letter: Stars
  • Oslo in the Summertime: of Montreal
  • Vari-Speed: hollAnd
  • Reasons to Be Cheerful, Pt. 3: Ian Dury & the Blockheads
  • Antena Trash: Lali Puna
  • Komakino: Joy Division
  • My Mood Swings: Elvis Costello
  • Star Bodies: New Pornographers
  • Song of a Gun: The La's
  • Wait for Me (Please): Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • Crystal Lite: James Pants f/Deon Davis
  • Replica: Beck
  • Never/More: Takako Minekawa
  • Camions Sauvages: Amadou & Mariam
Here is part of what made me fall in love with of Montreal, even though both the video & sound are crappy.

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