Back on Track: Running again

As I mentioned in my Born to Run post over 3 years ago, I've been running for fitness on and off for years. It's my favorite way to try getting in shape. For example, it's free and can be done almost anywhere. It can be done during travel: I've run in Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Denver, Chicago and Edmonton, when I could have otherwise been smoking on the hotel terrace or watching awful cable in my hotel room. (Don't worry mom, my smoking days seem to be long gone.)

I think my body responds well to running. Makes sense, since my body type is designed to chase sheep around hillsides all day long, dodge gorse, roll in heather, then relax with smokey whiskies into the long northern nights. So it's not my body, it's my mind that's the problem. I am so BALKY! What secret or promise is there I can use to get myself to do what I want?! It's like a reverse addiction, I get 1 hit of running and want to not do it again for as long as possible. How can I addict myself to something I know is a good idea but just don't feel like doing? (A few spontaneous ideas based on what I've heard about "positive addictions"--tell a friend your exercise plans so you can get some positive peer pressure, write down every time you run so you can see a list of your accomplishments, throw money at it so it seems more valuable to you... like buy a magazine subscription or some fancy gear, train for a specific event like a local 5K, use a rewards system so if you exercise when you said you would, you get extra chocolate or something later.)

Playlist from Beef Jerky Time 9*3*08, end of summer recap... plus inevitable new stuff (Santogold remix YES!)

  • Youthless: Beck
  • GfC: Albert Hammond, Jr.
  • Balloons: Foals
  • Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa: Vampire Weekend
  • Kids: MGMT
  • Out there On the Ice: Cut Copy
  • Talk Like That: The Presets
  • Messenger: Pinback
  • Makeup Artist: Marching Band
  • Final Path: Yeasayer
  • L.E.S. Artistes (grahmzilla euromix): Santogold
  • Keep Your Eyes Ahead: Helio Sequence
  • House Fire: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
  • Free Tonight: Dri


valleywriter said...

Hey - don't knock yourself too much - you do go to the gym at lunchtime every day (with me, your faithful gym buddy). But if you want me to start harassing you about running, I will :-)
BTW - great blog. I love the recipes!

Alice said...

well, nike says "just do it." Give yourself the 3 week rule; if you don't see/feel results in 3 weeks, you need to throw some money at it--expensive, pretty running gear. I rec. Nike stuff.