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This past edition of Beef Jerky Time was pretty exciting because I had a guest host, DJ Foxfire, formerly of Discophilia back when there was a radio free brattleboro. We had so much fun! I feel like I'm a more outgoing and sociable DJ when there's someone to talk with. We discussed pressing issues such as Komodo dragons, Lady Gaga and The Breakfast Club. And Foxfire brought some tunes to share and mix it up from what I usually play. Thanks for stopping by, lady!

The first "real" farmer's market of the year starts on Saturday and I'm resolved to a) go there rain or shine and b) take some photos to start a farmer's market series about New England produce and what to do with it (good idea ACB!). I call it the "real" farmer's market but there's another one put on by Post Oil Solutions that has been meeting all winter long. But this is the summer version, a big ritual for locals and attraction for tourists. So please check back throughout the season for farmer's market photos and finds. (I've been inspired by all the great citrus posts over the winter from California blogs...)

Here's the playlist from my Foxfire show: 4*29*09
  • Tonight's Today: Jack Peñate
  • Charito Va: Radio Malanga
  • Deadbeat Summer: Neon Indian
  • Caring is Creepy: The Shins
  • Lisztomania: Phoenix*
  • Coulibaly: Amadou & Mariam
  • [Indian techno thing we couldn't find a name for]
  • Happy Up Here: Röyskopp
  • Shake Your Groove Thing: Peaches & Herb
  • Just Dance: Lady Gaga
  • Body Movin': Beastie Boys

*I loved this song before I saw this unofficial youtube mashup,
now I love it even more.

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