What I Did On My Spring Vacation

I'm on vacation this week! My plans were to stay home and get some long-neglected chores done. Also I've been saving up to do some shopping. The week has been flying by--here's a quick photo essay on the highlights so far. Does this seem like an exciting week to you? Because it is to me!!

Monday--Shopping day. My main goal was to buy a wallet. My secondary goal was to go shoe-shopping for some red flats. I scored on the first but failed miserably to even find shoes worthy of trying on. I went to about 8 different shoe stores and outlets. Zip. In the end I didn't buy very much (which is fine!) but here are some of my favorite purchases from Monday.

Western-style red wallet, Ladyhawke CD, cop/Maverick sunglasses

Tuesday was Basement Day. Our basement is... a bit messy. It needs HELP. Unfortunately, most of the help needed requires input from all family members, but I did my best with my own stuff. A large part of this project was going through my many boxes of books and weeding out ones I really don't want to see again.

Piles of unwanted (miswanted? dewanted?) books

On the third day of my vacation, Wednesday, I made a pilgrimage to Target to pick up some Useful Household Items. I got a clear plastic case for my beloved iPod. I also got this nifty closet organizer. (Note: No good shoes at Target either.)

This would be a lot more impressive if
I'd taken a "before" picture.

Today, Thursday, I made a trip to the hardware store for painting and sanding supplies. I have a number of household projects that involve good old elbow grease. One project is to prime and paint the ceiling and upper walls in the 3 rooms where we had sheetrock replaced back in... the first week of March. While listening to Ladyhawke twice in a row, I got the primer on. I also learned that a cheap angled foam brush is just as effective for "edging in" as a special "edging in" tool. (I purchased the latter this morning and threw it aside in favor of the former, which was just sitting around in the basement.) Here's one corner showing primer that I'll be painting blue and white at some point in the future.

Look at that fantastic "edging in"!

I only have one official vacation day left... then it becomes the weekend which doesn't really count. On my docket for tomorrow is to help a friend with some website text and to maybe possibly get a haircut. It's possible more painting will get done. Friday is my oyster. May you enjoy yours!

Speaking of lots of Ladyhawke, here are playlists from the last 2 editions of Beef Jerky Time

4*15*09 show

4*21*09 show--with some poems for National Poetry Month
  • My Delirium: Ladyhawke
  • Shampoo: Elvis Perkins in Dearland
  • Happiness, written and read by John Ciardi
  • Up to Our Necks: Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3
  • Love Get Out of My Way: Milke
  • Chandelier Searchlight: Deerhoof
  • Monet Refuses the Operation, written and read by Lisel Mueller
  • I'm Losing Myself: Brazilian Girls f. David Byrne
  • Beef Jerky: John Lennon
  • Polar Opposites: Modest Mouse
  • Why I Write Such Good Songs: Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • Saturdays: Cut Copy
  • So & So Reclining On Her Couch, written and read by Wallace Stevens
  • French Grass: hollAnd

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ValleyWriter said...

Sounds like you've had a very productive week! I love your new wallet - great find.
Enjoy the weekend - it's supposed to be beautiful!