Getting so much better all the time

In the past few weeks this blog has aged 2 years. That's because I finally dug up the old .html files from the previous Blogger edition of this blog, "Writer's block," and added them to the archives of this here version. Writer's block existed from 2002 to 2003 and covers the months when I left my city job and came to the quiet of Vermont. I closed it down sometime in 2003, but obviously couldn't resist the lure of blogging for long! (Blogger deleted my files when I closed my account, but kept my same URL for me. I saved the whole blog using Explorer's handy "scrapbook" feature.) Just a grain of salt warning--I wasn't necessarily thinking of being Safe For Work when I wrote those old entries. I think they are pretty tame though. There's even a recipe or two.

Playlists from recent editions of my fabulous radio show, Beef Jerky Time:

Beef Jerky Time 4*1*09
  • There's a New Sound: Tony Burello
  • 123456789101112 Barbie Dolls: Pizzicato 5
  • Boom Boom: Raffi
  • Sheik of Araby: Spike Jones
  • Panda Riot: Our Hour
  • Escaping the Game Grid: Technicolor
  • That's Not My Name: The Ting Tings
  • Wanna Be Startin' Something: Michael Jackson
  • Hold Music (Max Tundra remix): Architecture in Helsinki
  • In the New Year: The Walkmen
  • Lights Out: Santigold
  • Let Me Know: Róisín Murphy
  • Mirror in the Bathroom: English Beat
Beef Jerky Time 4*8*09
  • Incredible Hulk theme
  • [untitled]: Hot Chip
  • 27,000,000 de Mecs: Lina
  • S.O.S.: Figurine
  • Duality: The Martial Arts
  • Kids: MGMT
  • Wet & Rusting: Menomena
  • My Night with the Prostitute from Marseille: Beirut
  • I Hope I Become a Ghost: Deadly Syndrome
  • Cable TV: Fol Chen
  • The Only Man in Town: Moose
  • Long Way Home: Mike & Ruthy
  • I Knew You Would Go: Aden
  • Warm Tears: Alsace
  • Paris is Burning (Cut Copy remix): Ladyhawke

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