Beef Jerky Time again

Here last week, gone today: yellow iris.

Time is flying--seems like I just posted a bunch of playlists because I was falling behind, and now I'm falling behind yet again! Anyway, tune in to Beef Jerky Time every Wednesday night from 7-8pm ( and you can hear treasures past and present like those listed below.

Don't forget that you can usually take a listen to the song (or one like it) by clicking on the artist link. I try to use Myspace with streaming music, or sometimes the artist's blog or homepage if it seems better. The Nickodemus site has a free download, and Fanfarlo is selling their whole album plus bonus tracks for only $1 (until July 4). Just FYI.

Beef Jerky Time 5*27*09

Beef Jerky Time 6*3*09

Beef Jerky Time 6*10*09

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