Rainy days

Last July it rained for 17 days, or some horrible fact like that. Will rainy summers be the norm as catastrophic climate change (formerly known as global warming) starts to make itself felt? I guess I'm just a bit gloomy since it seems like it's been raining for 17 days already, and summer has only just begun. What's good for a rainy day? Yesterday it was a bowl of hot soup. Part of the food blog gift I got back in January--it's almost all gone now!

Here's what you need to create a rainy day lunch for 2:

Can of favorite clam chowder.

Cute little bowls and lots of saltines.

I actually read the directions on this chowder. The label said to mix the condensed contents with milk and BUTTER, plus salt and pepper to taste. I did so. It was pretty tasty for a canned soup. The main ingredients seem to be milk, clams and potatoes--as they should be? The slight bite of the added cracked pepper was nice, and the butter gave it a smooooth mouthfeel. Recommended.

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