Heifer Day Farmer's market

Our farmer's market is usually a hive of activity every Saturday, but not on Strolling of the Heifers day. Then, everybody is downtown watching the cows and taking part in the festivities and chaos. The Farmer's Market is an oasis of calm in comparison. We didn't get there until just before closing today--picked up some handsome lettuces, 3 bell peppers, 2 tomatoes, a Japanese eggplant and some beets (with greens). Here are just a few shots of the day.

Chicken stick from Anon's, the Thai truck. Last week I mentioned how the coffee guy is an important stop, especially so for the mommies. Anon's is another key part of the circuit--I think every kid going to the Farmer's Market requests at least one of these. They are very yummy, make small people happy, and cost $2.50.

Pretty pansies on the Deer Ridge Farm table.

A slice of gluten-free strawberry tart from Betz Baking. (There are also regular ones, too.) I adore her plum version of this. The strawberry was pretty delicious too. It cost $3.00.

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