Farmer's market scavenger hunt

I went to the farmer's market wondering if I could find ingredients for kimchi. The recipe I was making required a rare confluence of fruits & vegetables, specifically Napa cabbage, Asian pear, green scallions and daikon. Would I be able to find ALL of these at the farmer's market? That was my goal--and I even made a list so I wouldn't get distracted.

Here are a few things we saw while looking.

I love the herring-bone cross-hatch
pattern of these fennel bulbs.
Apparently fresh garlic is in season!

Some non-food offerings:

Selections from Putney Mountain Winery.
If you're the right age, they'll let you taste.

Cute aprons for small people.

Fantasy wear for small people.

Susan Dunning's gorgeous pottery.

So did I find my kimchi ingredients? Well... no. I did find some good looking cabbage as well as some daikon. I know I can get scallions at the Wednesday market and a pear at the supermarket. But I wanted the stars to align for me today and just make it happen if it was meant to be. When I got home I found 4 new summer squash hiding in the garden--they will be my project instead!


Anonymous said...

You have summer squash plants this year? If you haven't already made them, stuffed squash blossoms are very, very yummy. Last year, I used farmers cheese, almonds & chipotles in adobo a few times... Tasty! Also, I have a delicious summer squash soup recipe, if you're interested. Fun entries lately!

Anonymous said...

Such a nice tour of the market. I love local goodies, too. This week I found purple green beans!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Thanks M! Yes, I want/need your squash recipe! curiousdomestic--I know, it's always a bit of a mystery/surprise what you're going to find!