Raspberry season and the cheesecake pan

We are very lucky to have a source of fresh raspberries to pick in season. And that season would be RIGHT NOW.

The past 2 weekends we have picked huge containers of raspberries to enjoy every which way. For example, I made bon appetit's Lemon Cheesecake Squares in mini-cheesecake form.

The result? Fine, but not as good as my favorite recipe (from the Eating for Pregnancy book I mention in my Best Bran Muffin post back in May). But it was a tasty treat on a summer evening, and small cheesecakes are fun to share with good friends. (Thanks for grilling T&W!)

The next day we carefully washed the cheesecake pan and it almost got put away when I decided to try something else. I had been given a sample of a scrumptious raspberry cake recently and begged for the recipe. It turned out to be Gourmet's June 2009 Raspberry Buttermilk Cake. I wondered what would happen if I divided the batter up into the mini-cheesecake pans instead of making one 9" cake.

This time the result was An Explosion. Notice how the top of each cake is much wider than the cake itself. Oops! I guess cheesecakes (or brownies or other dense goods) work well in these pans because they don't rise very much. But this light cake levitated right out of the pan to become turnover-shaped muffins. Not what I was going for, but delicious of course.

Also, this recipe calls for all the fruit to go on top of the batter, but I think I'd put some on the bottom or in the middle too, for variety. The batter is so thick the fruit actually rises instead of sinking in. This may differ with a heavier fruit, like plums.


ValleyWriter said...

Well, even it didn't turn out quite as expected - it still looks delicious!!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Thanks VW! And thanks for your mini-cheesecake pan mentorship.