August Farmer's Market

Here's the haul. Keep in mind it's Lammas season, the traditional "grains harvest" time. I think of it as when corn starts to show up. (Fruit harvest is late Sept, blood harvest is October.)

Greens (2 kinds of lettuce & mustard greens), pickling cukes (we like them just raw though), and multicolored carrots.

Peaches, blueberries, 2 kinds of tomatoes,
2 kinds of onions, 2 kinds of peppers.

This is just a quick photo essay on a busy weekend. I will say those blueberries are about the size of quarters... just about. And fresh peaches are one of my favorite things. We'll be eating most of this stuff in salads, or the fruit in cereal or yogurt or just on the fly.

It's the time of plenty--enjoy!

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