Fried Calamari: Bookmarked recipe

So I "subscribe" to several foodblogs through Google Reader. The newest posts just show up on my Reader screen, and if something looks good I give it a star to save it for later. Back in April I starred a Fried Calamari recipe from one of my favorite blogs, (billed as "Greek Food and Beyond.") I love this blog because it's Canadian and it's Greek and it has many many informative posts. And tonight I finally got around to making this recipe. I highly recommend it! Here's a little photo essay on my progress:

Simple flour-dredging included corn flour, which seemed to give the resulting product an awesome hint of Fritos. (I mean that in a good way!) The calamari we had was just rings, which seemed appropriate for beginners.

Here they are frying. Check out the thermometer! I don't usually fry anything so had to go to the corner store moments before to buy oil. All they had was Wesson. Worked fine.

The result: very tasty rings, tender morsels, perfect with just a squeeze of lemon. Even our littlest one ate plenty. (We did not bother explaining to her exactly what "calamari" means...)

Thanks Kalofagas for one of many helpful and tasty-looking recipes. Please keep them coming!

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