Summer 2009 Music Raves

Summer space squash

A great new song is a bit like a zodiac sign. It's around for a month or so, then before you know it, we're off to the next one. That's how I am anyway: I have about a 4-week threshold for a wonderful, strange, high energy, bangin' new song. I'll listen to it all the time, run to it, cook to it, go to sleep with it, sing it in the shower, get it stuck firmly in my head. But soon enough and sure enough, it starts to fade away. Then a new song becomes ascendant.

So while the first part of this summer was all about Royksöpp (Happy Up Here), Lo-Fi-FNK (Steppin' Out), MSTRKRFT (Bounce) and Jack Peñate (Tonight's Today), the last month or so has been an arc of Black Eyed Peas (Boom Boom Pow), Basement Jaxx (Raindrops) and Kid Cudi (Day & Nite, Crookers remix). And the Peas are already a waning crescent, being quickly overtaken by a waxing gibbous Rye Rye (Rock Off Shake Off). (Oops, did I just mix my zodiac metaphor with a moon metaphor? SORRY.)

Here are some radio playlists, for the record!

La Cucaracha: Kumbia Kings
Git: Skeletons & the Girl-faced Boys
Fresh Blood: Eels
Deadbeat Summer: Neon Indian
New Heat: Stardeath & White Dwarfs
Personal Stereo (Penny & Ashtray mix): Flunk
Heat of the Moment: Asia
A Summer Song: Chad & Jeremy
Continue to Call: Nino Moschella
Canadian Dream: Andrew Vincent
Today It Is Even Better: The Very Most
A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill: Jens Lekman
Who You Gonna Run To?: Solid Gold
Juno (Ra Ra Riot/Andrew Maury remix): Tokyo Police Club
Paris Is Burning: Ladyhawke
I Want You D.A.N.C.E: Justice vs. The Jackson 5 (Mashup)

Tonight's Today: Jack Peñate
Summer Song: YACHT
Summer of Love: Paradise Boys
Summerboy: Lady Gaga
Triple Chrome Dipped (Osborne remix): Michna
Dying Is Fine: Ra Ra Riot
I Wonder Who We Are: The Clientele
Wounded: Jay Reatard
Any Way You Choose to Give It: The Black Ghosts
Day & Nite (Crookers remix): Kid Cudi
Raindrops: Basement Jaxx
O My Heart: Mother Mother

1901: Phoenix
Golden Phone: Micachu & the Shapes
Autobahn Music Box: Cut Copy
Hold the Line: Major Lazer
Fuego: Bomba Estéreo
Smoke Bros: Amazing Baby
Do You Remember the First Time?: Pulp
Hurt Feelings: Flight of the Conchords
If You Want Me To Stay: Red Hot Chili Peppers
An Anniversary Away: Reverie Sound Revue
Harold T. Wilkins: Fanfarlo
Back of the Van: Ladyhawke
Greens, Grays & Nordics: Deastro
Why I Write Such Good Songs: Kleenex Girl Wonder
Pupils Blink: Peggy Sue
Better: Regina Spektor

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