Nutella cravings satisfied

I wanted some Nutella. I put it on the grocery list, went to store A and could not find it. Went to store B... still could not find it. So I forgot about it for a little while. (Yes, I only frequent 2 grocery stores. Is that a lot?)

Do you like Nutella? I think of it as the Canadian version of pain au chocolat. It is a hazelnut spread with cocoa and skim milk in it, often eaten on toast or in crêpes. Despite the hazelnuts, I find it extremely chocolatey. I suppose that many people, such as the Italian company that originated it, don't think of Nutella as "Canadian," but I was introduced to it during my educational sojourns in that country so it is all tied up with Canada for me.

A few weeks later, I was in store A again and I looked UP (something humans do not do often enough) and found... NUTELLA! It was one shelf above the peanut butter, and had probably been there all along. The first thing I did when I got home was ate 2 spoonfuls straight. That is when I learned that 2 spoonfuls of Nutella is enough to last a person for about a week.

A week passed. I decided to make crêpes. They were a yogurt-based recipe (healthy protein, etc.) and not popular with the rest of my family. But for me they hit the spot.

Crêpe getting overdone in my nonstick pan.

Finished crêpe with awkward smears of Nutella. In winter this does not spread well, so I had to just glob it on. But then it melted nicely, and I rolled it up.

Rolled up and ready. After 3 of these, I have put the Nutella away again for at least another week. It is RICH, man.

What are your favorite Nutella uses?


Alice said...

This is a great coincedence. Currently the only thing I will eat for breakfast is whole wheat toast with Nutella. And if you were still searching I was going to tell you to check on the shelves above the peanut butter. I pay $3.19 for a jar of the brown treat. My kids also love it on toast and bagels. Another idea is from from Giada DeLaurentis (of Everyday Italian fame on Food Network). She spreads it on sliced, v. lightly toasted pound cake and tops with strawberries. YUM. I think the bigger question is, who doesn't like Nutella?

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Ooh, thanks for the pound cake tip. That sounds FAB. I haven't had any Nutella since these crepes (even though it was Nutella day on Feb. 5!), but I'm going to raid the cupboard RIGHT NOW for some!