Superbowl food: 7 layer dip

I don't know from football, but the recipes I've been seeing for Superbowl Sunday food looked mouthwatering. So I tried one. I went with New York magazine's Seven-Layer Dip, with a few adjustments.

The first 3 layers: refried black beans, a Spanish-style rice, and seasoned ground beef.

Layer 4 is salsa.

Layer 5 is cheese.

Layer 5.5--a sprinkling of chopped jalapeƱos. Note to self: add at least twice as many jalapeƱos as you think you need.
At this point I departed from the recipe and threw everything in the oven for about 30 minutes. I wanted this stuff WARM!

Because we were having dip for dinner, I served it out into portions. Then we each added the last 2 layers, guacamole and sour cream.

Served with unsalted corn chips. Oh my goodness SO MUCH FOOD!


As mentioned, this is not supposed to be heated, but since it was dinner instead of an appetizer, I wanted it hot. It was SO filling, basically like eating the inside of an excellent and gigantic burrito.

As someone who has eaten brown rice for years for health purposes, I must say that the taste of white rice is like crack--WOW AMAZING GIVE ME MORE MORE NOW NOW NOW. Brown rice is a bit of a chore to eat. White rice is so satisfying and RICE-y. Fantastic. Great, another thing I gotta remember to stay away from.

I used sharp cheddar cheese, not a good cheese for getting all melty and stringy (though it tastes great). Next time I might use something gooier, like a pepper jack.

I forgot that our smallest diner does not much like things to be all mixed together, so all she would eat was corn chips dipped in sour cream. If I had been thinking I would have saved out a little rice, a little beans, and a little beef and served them to her on a kiddie plate with separate sections. Well, next time.


ValleyWriter said...

Glad you got your Super Bowl food after all. We did the same thing - Super Bowl snacks for dinner!

JMM said...

I know what you mean about the white rice. I only eat whole wheat or brown rice pasta now, so when I occasionally eat regular pasta it tastes like butter! Yum.

Wallace said...

I just ripped this out of NY mag to try BEFORE reading your blog. Kwinky Dink.
It looks awesome. Also,the white rice,it's all about the white rice.