Frikadellen: German meat

I got it into my head that we must eat sauerkraut for dinner one night this week. I put "pork chops or sausages" on the grocery list as items to go with. But instead of buying sausages at 5.99 a pound or pork chops at 4.99 a pound, I decided to get ground pork at 3.99 a pound. I figured there must be some German thingy I can make out of ground pork and sauerkraut.

This is how I discovered frikadellen, which are basically giant flat German meatballs that go perfectly with sauerkraut and potatoes. I combined ingredients and tips from two sources: Angie's recipes and America's Little Germany.

The frikadellen were tasty but mild flavored. If I make them again, I might use more spices. I might also try the 50:50::pork:beef idea.

Frikadellen also make a nice breakfast sliced crossways, fried and served with warm sauerkraut.

PS A bag of sauerkraut (no frills, non-organic, but lovely crunchy taste) costs 99 cents!

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