DIY yogurt cups

Here is a frugal, healthy snack. Instead of buying individual servings of yogurt, make your own!

All you need is a nice kind of jam and a large container of yogurt.

Combine in a handy portable container. That is all.

  1. A 6 ounce container of yogurt at the local food co-op costs between .99 and 1.09. (That's around 17 cents an ounce). BUT a large 32 ounce yogurt costs about 3.00 (9 cents an ounce) and this month they're on sale for 2.49 (around 7 cents an ounce). OMG the savings!
  2. Yogurt is good for you. It has nice probiotic creatures living in it, plus calcium and protein and stuff. Though all I really ask from a snack is that it's healthier than a brownie or a scone or a Danish, which are my common crazy-from-hunger-need-a-snack mistakes. Yogurt definitely qualifies.
  3. The jam part often reminds me of a favorite scene from Hope & Glory where the father brings home a large tin of jam that washed up on the beach during WWII rationing. The family is very suspicious of the jam... perhaps it has been altered by Germans who know that the English love jam? The father loses his temper and shouts "It's. JUST. JAM." Then he sets about eating it straight from the can while glaring at his family in a challenging manner. Perhaps you already love this movie, I think it's one of the best!


ValleyWriter said...

I've been making my own yogurt cups with frozen berries & yogurt - but by the time I get around to eating it, the yogurt has started to break up. I wonder if that's because of the acids in the fruit? Maybe the jam avoids this problem? (It doesn't taste any different - it just looks a bit unappetizing.)
I'll have to give a try tomorrow -thanks for the idea!

Maggie and Peter said...

I love your writing, lady, and your pyrex containers. Aren't they satisfying? I have a strange new recipe from a co-worker that is making brownies from black beans. Maybe that will quality for your brownie craving while being healthier? Basically, I'm slightly weirded out by the recipe and I think you should try making it first.

"Prof. Kitty" said...

VW: I'd be interested to hear if jam makes a difference for you--maybe the pectin in it keeps things bound together better? So far I've tried 2 kinds of jam with no problems.

M&P: Thanks, and yes Pyrex rocks! I want every shape and size! I would LOVE to try the black bean brownie recipe. I can't walk by a brownie recipe these days without trying it out.