Blooming Summer

It's a quiet Monday. I'm just lying low and trying to conserve energy. A discovery about our giant air conditioner--it can also be set on "dehumidify." In my fantasies, this does not use as much electricity as actual air conditioning. Yet it still cools our bedroom quite nicely.

I've been getting magazines out of the library since I have a very short attention span (I can't read whole books), but also can't afford actual magazine subscriptions. The ones I choose to amuse me are mostly about cooking, home remodeling and/or celebrities. A recent issue of Real Simple tells me that it's good for you to have a bouquet of flowers in your home where you can see it first thing in the morning. What do you know--I had just put one in our bathroom last night!

Daisies cut from the garden--sprigs of oregano blossoms in the back.

Another welcome discovery is that one of my favorite flowers, lisianthus, is coming into bloom in our front garden. I LOVE lisianthus. (I also love nasturtiums. And roses.)

I bought a mix-pack in the spring and am thrilled to find some plants are pink!

Pure white with that lovely dusty green. Just like I had in my wedding crown.

The twisted buds of the lisanthus are so gorgeous.
It reminds me of Dylan Thomas: "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower/drives my green age..."

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ValleyWriter said...

The lisianthus is beautiful. I think I've seen them before - just never knew what they were called. They look a bit similar to some Rose of Sharon varieties, which I love. Even the pretty pictures in your post cheered me up - no water or vase required!