It's berry time. Late strawberries are still to be found, early blueberries are starting up, and raspberries are in full swing. It is like the trifecta of berries. I really only like super fresh fruit, and berries best of all, so I am very happy. Above, the blueberries and strawberries are from the Brattleboro Farmer's market. The raspberries are from Grandma's garden, we have been getting them fresh-picked all week and they're AMAZING!

Here's what I do with berries:
  • garnish cereal, ice cream, yogurt
  • eat them plain by the handful
  • dole them out in small containers as healthy snacks
  • accept them doled out in small containers by others
  • have them with shortcake and whipped cream (strawberries in particular)
  • arrange them on waffles, mini cheesecakes or other baked desserts
Here's what I don't do with berries:
  • cook them
  • mash them
  • freeze them
  • make syrup
These are all perfectly acceptable, but berries don't last long enough around me for them to be accomplished.

More good news: peaches are also showing up at the farmer's market, as well as Sungold tomatoes. Oh yum!

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ecoMILF said...

oh i am sooo jealous!! we are in mid-winter right now and i am just dying for some berry goodness! enjoy them while they last! xo m.