A simple explanation

The Cabinet of Prof. Kitty will probably be a little quieter than usual in the coming months for a very happy reason--we have a new family member! These feet and their owner came into the world on a Tuesday afternoon, and we are all totally smitten.

I'm not going to get into the birth details, but if you like birth stories in general, I recommend a few links. One is Progressive Pioneer, the other is Design Mom. These are both fantastic blogs about many topics, but both bloggers were expecting this year and decided to celebrate by posting birth stories from all sorts of contributors. When I was pregnant, I found reading these very comforting--reminding myself how each birth is beautiful and unique and surprising. These blogged stories seem like a new take on word-of-mouth wisdom passing from woman to woman. True, I read them online, on my own and never met the people involved, but these stories definitely helped me prepare for my own birthing and mothering journey.

Another fantastic birth story is Kelle Hampton's story of the birth of her daughter Nella Cordelia. Check it out on her blog Enjoying the Small Things (her blog plays music so adjust your speakers accordingly).


ValleyWriter said...

Awww - even his little feet are super cute! Congrats Prof. Kitty & family. Enjoy your new bundle of cuddles & love!

fadedglamour said...


- saamFG