Song of the Week: "Find Your Peace" by Geotic

Geotic is one guy, Will Wiesenfeld, who already has another band (Baths). But he tore through creating a new Geotic album, called "Mend," in under a week just a few months ago. He is generously offering the whole album as a free download at the link above. Here's one of the songs, "Find Your Peace."

Can you scroll down and press play now, then scroll back up? What do you think? I find it gorgeous. It reminds me of the 80s, but the introspective, ambient side of the 80s. Like if you're at the mall, and you just watched Local Hero, and you're feeling kind of transported and want to be quiet and get away from the crowds. So you go to a little Japanese restaurant where you can just sit quietly and sip some miso soup behind the paper screen, still in your big shoulder-padded jacket. Maybe a massage later. This song would be an excellent accompaniment to all that. Extremely soothing.

This isn't on soundcloud, thus the Youtube link. I dare you not to think of a mall and shoulder pads and at least one Bill Forsyth film. (I guess I am really talking about Mark Knopfler soundtracks. The Local Hero s/t is so pretty it makes me weepy.)

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