More fashion decisions with Stitchfix

Recently I got a new box of stylish clothing and accessories from Stitchfix, which is kind of like the Netflix for fashion. I had to decide what to keep and pay for (so I could use the $20 non-refundable "styling fee" as a credit) and what to send back in the giant prepaid envelope.

Will it be the grey cowl-neck-on-crack that looks like a thneed and that I'm not even sure how to wear?

Will it be the prison-stripe-weave tunic with the raw edges?

Will it be the super-soft silk dress with giant side-slit pockets and a retro tulip cut?

Will it be the gorgeous deep purple cardigan that costs NINETY DOLLARS for some reason?

Will it be the these pretty gold swoop dangly earrings?

UPDATE: I picked the earrings. The two tops were too odd. The cardigan was awesome but out of my price range. The dress was gorgeous. I kept trying it on to reassess. In the end I felt the cut was just not my style, particularly in the poofy belly area. Not what I want to accentuate. The earrings were $35. I'd never pick them out for myself, but once I had them on I kept wearing them and they kind of made the decision for me!

If you're interested in Stitch Fix, use this link and I'll get a referral reward! Then you can pay it forward!?

I do like Stitch Fix and recommend it especially if you don't mind having to spend at least $20 every time, and don't have time to leave the house to shop yourself. My next fix comes in February!

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ValleyWriter said...

Oooh - all pretty stuff. That dress is especially fetching on you! Can't wait to hear what you picked.