Santa Fe Farolitos

This is the first GIF I've ever made. It's of the Hotel Santa Fe, where I spent my 41st birthday on a whirlwind New Mexico adventure with my mother last weekend! So fun! (The trip, not the annoying day-night GIF, haha)

In Santa Fe at Christmas-time, they put up "farolitos" on rooftops all around the city. Farolitos are supposed to look like lines of paper bags with lit votive candles inside, but of course they're actually electric lights. Nevertheless, they're quite beautiful and something I remember well from Christmas seasons past when my mother used to live in Santa Fe and I'd come down to see her during college breaks. I was so glad to find that the farolitos were still up in early January.

My mother has her own blog post about farolitos over at Door Number 8.

More on Santa Fe to come!

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