My Beef Hand Pie Challenge

I've vowed to cook/create something new and exciting every month this year. For March, my inspirations were 1. St. Patrick's Day, with its Guinness and Shepherd's Pie associations, 2. this "pie goes savory" article in New York Magazine. I went Googling and found a promising recipe from Yankee Magazine: Beef & Ale Hand Pies. Perfect!!

Before my photo sharing, a word about hand pies. What are they? They are a pie you can hold in your hand. Like a pasty, or an empanada, or a Jamaican patty. Like... delicious.

Part of the mise: Floured beef, thyme, potatoes, onions, garlic, celery.
Already chilling in the fridge is beef-broth crust.

Browning the beef cubes

Cooking onion, celery, garlic

"Meanwhile"... carrot and potato boiling until tender
(I have a rant about recipes that say "Meanwhile," but I'll save it for later)

Adding ale to pan! I used a chocolate stout.

The beef goes in, so do carrots & potatoes

Divided dough is rolled into rounds

Filling (this beef was unbelievably tender--
do splurge on one of the recommended cuts!)

One completed hand pie. They get an egg wash before baking

Glistening pies go into the oven

Baked 25 minutes

I served with mashed squash garnished with avocado oil & pepitas

Oh my! Flaky, savory, tasty, and PORTABLE. Glass of stout in the background.

Notes: If I ever need to make hand pies again, I'll definitely use this recipe. I love how even the crust has beef broth in it. Do you like beef? This thing is BEEFY. It's also pretty salty, but not excessively so. And because there are vegetables in the filling, these pies could qualify as a one-dish meal. They were also excellent reheated later. Please remember to pair your beef & ale hand pie with a yummy beer.

My challenge for January 2013 was Kusa.
My challenge for February 2013 was Cauliflower Pizza Crust.

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