I stop running and pick up a Margarita

Today, July 5, is the first day since Memorial Day that I haven't gone for a run. I successfully completed a 40-day "streak" from May 26th to July 4th, as suggested by Runner's World magazine. The main rule of the streak is that you run at least 1 mile every single day. 

Rather than keeping track of my runs online I wrote them on a paper calendar on my fridge.

128 miles total. Probably more since I always round down.

My last run of the streak was the annual 4-miler race that goes right down the Main Street of our town. It was a rainy Fourth for once, though that didn't help my time much!

In other news, I've decided it's time for me to have a go-to cocktail. Something I can make for myself now and then, or order if I'm out and in a cocktail mood. I have selected the margarita. I do not make mine from scratch, but use a mix that is quite yummy: Dr. Swami & Bone Daddy's. "Fresh Gourmet Taste!"

I know, wrong kind of glass. Tastes good though.

I would also like to submit these photos of professional margaritas as evidence of... something.


What is your go-to cocktail? Is that even a thing?

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