Prof. Kitty visits Chicago

I had a work trip to Chicago this week and it was great! The work itself was very rewarding, and I was also glad to be back in Chicago so soon after my September trip. I didn't get a chance to take many photos, but I'd like to share a few highlights.

Day 1, evening

Lobster mushroom bisque, real Caesar salad (meaning yes to anchovies) at Stetsons (the steak and sushi place inside the Hyatt Regency hotel).

Dramatic steak knife display

Day 2

  • breakfast: eggs benedict at Yolk -- I found Yolk via Google Maps, so it was touristy, but I liked it. High-end-diner style, bright and open interior, with unmissable yolk-colored decor.
  • Lunch: takeout chicken breast kebab wrap from Reza’s -- I only kick myself for not ordering hot sauce to go with!
  • Dinner: Union Sushi & BBQ—warm mushrooms, crispy "buffalo" duck leg, spicy tuna cup, smoked white tuna with tomato confit, a LOT of sushi on black rice. So. Good.

As an aside, I'd never before seen real wasabi up-close. They grated it tableside and left a small dish for sushi-dipping.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: Panera Bread—some kinda sausage, egg & cheese sandwich
  • Lunch: takeout chicken caprese salad from Maggiano's Little Italy—huge, lots of chicken, TWO kinds of dressing, tender fresh mozzarella, kalamata olives, and a lovely surprise... the occasional fresh green bean.
  • Dinner: EPIC turkey bar, Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. This was my dinner when I was inadvertently stuck at O'Hare for 2 hours. Did you know a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino from Starbucks has NO COFFEE in it? It was delicious, but... jeez. I needed the caffeine!

Here are a few more snaps and notes of things I saw in Chicago, June 2014:

The photo doesn't do it justice, but that glowing area in the middle = shelves of liquor lit from behind. It was gorgeous, like a stained glass beacon of alcohol beaming into the night. It is called BIG Bar.

This TRUMP sign just went up and has set the media afire. Yes, it seems to be 2 stories tall.

Trend report: The latest in specials or wine lists is an ipad left at-table for perusing. This happened to me twice in two days, so it's science.

Trigger Warning! "Try one of our new specialty craft drinks. Today's events: Alcoholics Anonymous."

Not shown: 

Sooo many smartphones. In the airport, on the subway, on the street—everyone was staring into the tiny screen of their phone. Sometimes I felt like I was in a Bodysnatchers movie. I got out my own phone so as to blend in.

Sunset at O'Hare. This is something I didn't want to see, because I was supposed to be in the air already but my plane was delayed. It was pretty though. A caffeinated Frappuccino would have helped even more.

Chicago Riverway. It took me about 30 seconds after jogging out of the Hyatt Regency to identify a great place to run—down a set of stairs to the bike/jog path that runs along the Chicago River. I headed lakeward and got to run along the shoreline & boats for a little bit. Tranquil!

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