Salted caramel apple hand pies

Like many recipes I've tried lately, I found this on Pinterest... it's by Just a Taste. I would say these pies are a bit hard to make, and reallllly easy to eat. Actually, they have the same delicious flaky-hot inhalable quality that I remember loving in McDonald's Apple Pies when I was little. Here are my ACTION PACKED photos. (Please visit Just a Taste for the recipe.)

Are there "consciously crafted" caramels at our local food coop? Why, yes there are. 

Basically the recipe has you prepare the dough, prepare the filling, then assemble into adorable morsels.

Top a 3-inch round of dough with filling and some dabs of chopped caramel. Sprinkle on salt.

Cover with another 3-inch round.

Seal with a fork.

Brush each pie with beaten egg, then slash... with elegance.

My helper got creative and made a candy-cane shaped pie. It leaked a bit but worked out fine!

Plate o' pies. Handy!

The filling does shrink a but, but these pies were delightful. Have them plain, with vanilla ice cream, with whipped cream, with cheddar--any way you like.

It seems like the apple baking time of year--have you been doing any? I've made apple pie and apple crisp before, but these little guys were new for me. Recommended!

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