Gilfeather Turnip Soup with Sea-legs revisited

I'm proud to say that if you type "Gilfeather" "turnip" and "soup" into a search engine, my 2004 recipe "Gilfeather turnip soup with sea-legs" comes up pretty high. The "sea-legs" refers to crab--I liked the double play on crab appendages and on getting accustomed to your surroundings. Still like it. Anyway, it's Gilfeather turnip season at the farmer's market again. The Gilfeather is a huge turnip native to New England. Clothespin for scale in this photo.


My soup recipe being the only use for Gilfeather turnips that I know, I decided to make another batch. It's been awhile! I'm not going to re-key the whole recipe--the 2004 one still works great. But I do want to present some photo highlights. And I want to confirm that this soup is really good! Try it if you come across any Gilfeather turnips!

Here's the single turnip, cut into large chunks:


I didn't have any potatoes this time, so made do with just carrots and turnip. Add chicken broth and bay leaf, ready to boil.


As recommended, once the veggies had softened I stashed the soup in the fridge until the next day. Then I mashed everything up and reheated.


Last step is to add the crab and heat through--maybe 10 more minutes. My dining companion found an excellent crab from Vietnam in a refrigerated foil pouch. (The first time I just used canned crab.) The chunks were large and juicy and perfect for the rough texture of this soup. I suppose you could puree everything either before or after adding the crab, but I like the folky charm of this THICK potage.

finished soup

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