This photo has been languishing in my drafts box for a long, long time. It was part of my food blog gift in 2009. Hello beautiful, juicy, organic lemon. You are lovely!

But you know, I can't remember what I used it for. Do you have favorite uses for lemon? If you had one perfect lemon, what would you do with it?

Here are some ex tempore ideas:
  • squeeze into several glasses of fresh, cold water for a nice light detox
  • cut into wedges to spritz over fried fish
  • use the juice plus zest in some tarty-tart baked good
  • slice super-thin to have with bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers
  • toddy-time with honey, hot water and rum or whiskey
  • vodka tonics (oh boy, I haven't had one in a LONG time)
  • squeeze over a buttered chicken, then stuff into cavity and bake
  • make up a batch of lamb-stuffed grape leaves

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