It's fashion week somewhere and you know I am all up in the latest stylezz. Kidding! But I have been thinking about my own style, such as it is. In the past 4 years I have pretty much settled on my "uniform." Here are my BULLETED thoughts!
  • Gauzy sheers, layered for modesty
  • Layering, such as a tank top with a short-sleeve button down, unbuttoned. A long-sleeve T with a flutter-sleeve shirt. Lots of cardis.
  • V-necks, scoop necks.
  • A-line skirts, tiered/ruffled skirts (within reason)--nothing above the knee
  • Solids or ombre, only rare patterns or stripes
  • Boot cut or flared pants, khaki, grey or black (or med wash jeans)
  • Colors: grey, white/cream, black, charcoal, burnt oranges, dark reds, pale pinks, washed out greens
  • Accessories: Pops of color, like a red or green necklace with a black/grey outfit.
I would like to get more unique pieces, like with strange seams or interesting shirring or folds. I could probably use an infinite number of layers from camisole to long-sleeve T to cardigans.

Hey, have you tried polyvore? I made a little collage thingy.

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