Running While Dressed as J.S. Bach

I'm impressed by how well my 5K season has been going! Here's a recap. First I came third in the Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic 5K at the beginning of September. Next I was 1st woman in the Maple 5K that came at the end of that month. Then I ran in the Newfane 5K in October and placed... not at all.

Then today, I got my ultimate challenge (a giant Vermont hill) and better yet, dressed up as one of my favorite dudes IN HISTORY. Because it's Halloween. Basically, dressing up as J.S Bach in today's race makes me proud to be alive. I won as first woman. Also my husband pointed out I won as first eighteenth-century composer.

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Katharina said...

Congrats! I am very inspired by your commitment to running. You are fitting it in despite everything else you have on your plate. You go girl/inspiring composer dude :)