Whole30 Day 29, almosttherealmosttherealmosthere

One day left after today. Thank you so much to everybody who has been reading along and supporting me on this mad experiment. Just knowing you're checking in now and then has been really helpful! And to the readers of the future who are researching the Whole30 and have come upon this blog, I think you can do this thing. If I can go without wine or cheese or crackers or chocolate for 30 days, anyone can do just about anything. Poke around on this blog under the whole30 tag if you're looking for food ideas or "what it's like." I'll also be writing an overall roundup in the next few days.

So yeah, one more day and we'll be done! We're basically just running out the clock, using up the plantains and chorizo and other unusual foods that we probably won't be replacing any time soon. Here's today's food!

Breakfast: egg & sweet potatoes (we forgot to buy kale this weekend)

COFFEE. My coffee mug is totally falling apart. It has been through a lot.

Lunch: leftover Gilfeather turnip & crab soup

Teatime: tea

Snack: apple

Curried veggie hash, chicken tenders, acorn squash
Day 29 reflections: I'm in disbelief that we managed to get this far! Back on Day 1 at the Guilford Fair, October seemed like a long way away. Now I am a paleo machine who loves things like fruit and vegetables. Before this I pretty much hated fruit, and couldn't be bothered figuring vegetables out. But when they're all you've got for nutrition besides grass-fed beef (kind of), you learn a lot about their virtues and possibilities. I have learned to love sweet potatoes! I have been eating kale voluntarily! I have considered an APPLE a decent and satisfying snack! I actually tried pretending that spaghetti squash was anything like spaghetti! (It's not.) I made a salad with every color of the rainbow! You know things are strange when a carrot or a dill pickle becomes a fancy treat.

Then there's the witnessing of work lunches--incredible tapas, whatever you want to order from the local Chinese place, wine evenings, the apple pie à la mode party... I had none of it. One time I ate some tapas olives and once I had that lone takeout salad. People were very kind trying to think of things I could have, but I was honestly happy with my rabbit food salads and such.

Happy October my dears!

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