Whole30 Day 30, DONE!!!!!

Is it strange that eating a certain way can make you feel really proud of yourself? I have had a pretty good month because of this Whole30 madness. The first two weeks were not great, but things turned around on Day 14 and I've been having a good time. Sure, I still don't have the energy I'm used to on my regular runs (except for that crazy 5K. I was well caffeinated!). I still don't quite know what to make for dinner. But I have more clarity in my thinking and functioning, like I am using more of my cylinders (to use car talk) or directories (to use server talk) than before. It's kind of exciting and kind of scary, because it took a lot to get to this place, and I am pretty sure that I can't maintain this place for very long.

Still, I found out what the Whole30 was like. That was the whole point. I would recommend it, but with reservations. Take my fellow eater for example: he found little or no benefit from the Whole30 (that he'll admit anyway). He has stocked the fridge with non-Whole30 foods that he's going to start eating ASAP tomorrow morning! I'll try to get him to take photos of what he eats tomorrow, ha.

Here's the food recap from Day 30:

Avocado-salsa omelette, yummy black tea


Lunch: leftover chorizo & cabbage, fresh veggies

Snack: orange

Dinner: steak tips & mushrooms with cauliflower rice & salad
Day 30 reflections: People have been so kind about this diet thing, asking about it, being encouraging, congratulating me. I am very touched and feel so supported. THANK YOU!

I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Theoretically I could eat anything, but I won't. This experiment has taught me to be think twice. Also because I've clearly lost weight and am feeling good, I don't want to mess that up by plunging into a Happy Meal and a chocolate sundae. I love those things, but I don't feel like I NEED them. I think my basic plan is to wait for a signal that there's some other food that I NEED. And also, red wine. And also, white wine. Here's another strange development on par with liking sweet potatoes--I actually don't mind coconut milk in my coffee. It's been so long since I've had milk and sugar that I can't tell the difference. The other day I walked by a row of chocolate bars without flinching. I know these things are actually kind of easy when I'm inside the strict realm of the Whole30. It's easy to say "Not for me" when I know it's a finite challenge. Will I keep saying "Not for me" about these foods—dairy, grains, legumes, sugar—when I'm on my own? You know I'll keep you posted.


ValleyWriter said...

Congratulations! You did an amazing job - glad you're seeing the benefits, too!

Wendy said...

Whoopee and congratulations!!! I have to admit I'll miss your daily postings with all your wonderful comments and photos. I think one good thing about this was being required to make food that you prepared yourself rather than allowing packaged food with who-knows-what in it. And then it certainly makes your readers more conscious of what we're eating, too. Thanks for doing this and keeping us informed! (As an aside, after observing certain food restrictions sometimes, I've found myself not hankering for some of the old things and really not having to go back to them.)