Still mostly Paleo, I can't help it

I'm still pretty much eating the Paleo diet (animal protein plus vegetables plus healthy fats, with nuts, seeds & fruits thrown in) after completing the Whole30 thirty day eating program last Tuesday. I haven't had any more achey episodes (I slowed down what I was introducing each day, thanks for the support on that). I really miss running every day, which I stopped at the same time. I'm still collecting my thoughts for a big Whole30 wrap-up coming in a few days.

Here are some random recent food pics:

Saturday haul from the Farmer's Market: Apples, kohlrabi, leeks, peppers, cucumbers, black tomatoes, cauliflower, "perpetual spinach," acorn squash, peaches, lettuce, carrots, blueberries. Pricetag: about 50 bucks.

Cooking up Scotch Eggs for lunches

Steaming up assorted sweet potatoes for breakfasts

I made myself a little paleo dessert—roasted peaches stuffed with dried fruit & nuts

Ohhhh--it's not paleo anymore. Vanilla ice cream, baby.
Yeah, I've managed to reintroduce a few items that aren't paleo despite my general reluctance to return to my old ways. I put sugar in my coffee (still using coconut milk though). I had wine last week and beer over the weekend... not quite sure about those two yet. Vanilla ice cream is yummy. I've had some white potatoes. I ate Indian takeout without worrying too much about what was in it (though I avoided anything that was clearly legumes or dairy--I had the saag, but not the paneer). In general, it's slightly stressful trying to recalibrate to my own eating plans after the blissful strictness of the Whole30. I'll make a complete "normal" dinner for my family, then fry up some leftover chicken and roasted acorn squash for my own meal. I cling to the clean feelings that I had all last month, but it's hard because now I'm slightly... dirty.

Have you ever roasted peaches by the way? Or grilled them? I've cooked them up for peach ice cream, but roasting was new.

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ValleyWriter said...

I love grilled peaches - that carmelized crust it gives them is simply divine!