The hour before dawn

Outside by 6:30am, running in the dark, in the rain. My hood is up and shutting everything out. My iPod blasts "Gangnam Style." It's my own little world--and I love it. Here's what my iPod selected for me this morning:
  • Gangnam Style: Psy
  • Go!: Tones on Tail
  • Astronaut: Shy Child
  • Mirror in the Bathroom: English Beat
  • I'm in the House: DJ Aoki
  • Future: Cut Copy
  • Invaders Must Die: The Prodigy
  • Pop Song Automaton: Glory Glory Man United
  • I Wasn't Made for Fighting: Woodhands
  • FU2 (an awesome remix of Lady Sovereign's "Love Me or Hate Me") 
Do you have favorite running or workout songs I should be adding to my playlist?

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