Whole30 Day 28, 5K PR

I ran my best ever 5K today (PR=Personal Record). My time was so good (for me) that I'm a little suspicious of it. I didn't feel that fast! Was the course short? Was the timing system off? I'm not going to complain about it though! I came in 1st woman and 3rd overall. I will add that only about 12 people were running, so the odds were in my favor. I won a cool white Brooks running cap and a $25 gift card to a sports store that I've been wanting to go to anyway. Yay!

Today's food recap is going to be in 2 categories, pictured and not pictured. First, pictured are:

Pre-5K breakfast: coffee with coconut milk, blueberries with almond butter & shredded coconut

post 5K lunch: 2 eggs, some spinach

Not pictured:
  • post-race apple slices with almond butter
  • plain apple slices at an afternoon gathering
  • potluck fare: chicken, peppers sautéed in tomato and garlic, curried veggie hash made with sweet potatoes & zucchini (my contribution), 2 kinds of green salad
Day 28 reflections: It's the last day of September and I'm thinking about my running streak. I've run every single day this month. I like it! Sometimes when I do my run in the morning, I feel a little disappointed later in the day that I don't have my run still to look forward to. (However evening runs are not great this time of year, they're DARK, so morning is better. Still dark, but not as much traffic.) I'm wondering whether I'll continue my streak after the Whole30 or what. Can I keep going until the snow flies? My 10-minute minimum rule seems totally manageable. With cross-training from Spinning class and boot camp, I am getting into pretty good shape. For me, that is.

28 days, a lunar cycle, feels like enough of this Whole30 thing. But we're committed to continue until Wednesday morning. Here's the food outline:
  • Monday dinner: fried chicken tenders and some kind of veggie
  • Tuesday dinner: steak tips with mushrooms and some kind of veggie
  • Wednesday dinner: Go crazy day. We're actually attending an annual meeting that will have catered gourmet pizzas. I haven't decided if I'll actually eat them. Then we're planning to go out for drinks. Grammie will babysit!
  • Thursday dinner: pork chops with milk gravy and some kind of veggie
  • Friday dinner: Indian takeout and beer. I may try cauliflower rice instead of basmati. WHAT?
Have you ever been in a race and thought the timing was way off? It happened to me on a fun run this summer--it felt like I was really kicking butt, but my time was way slower than I'd been for weeks. Weird.


Alice said...

You are a fast runner. It was you. Maybe the paleo helped (in that case: dammit)

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Maybe the paleo did help!? That is terrifying. I remembered after posting that I timed the race on my own watch and it came out the same, so it wasn't that.