Whole30 Day 13, 5K & Apple Picking

I ran the Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic Walk, Run & Roll 5K this morning. I came in 3rd woman (or however you say that). For a while I was 2nd woman, but I totally ran out of gas in the second half and let second place go. That's OK, I was just glad to run and SO excited that my family came out to see me finish. That made it awesome!

Here's today's food:

Invented "Granola": Blueberries, almond butter, shredded coconut.

Yummy black tea. Not pictured: post-race snack of apples & almond butter


mid-afternoon snack=sausage+egg+herbs

Apple picking! I ate 2 juicy Cortlands

Stirfry (beef+peppers) over cauliflower rice with side of spaghetti squash

Today was the weekly farmer's market so I sent my eating partner off with a list and $90. He brought home $7 and the following items. (I would love to do a panorama but no idea how..)

Golden beets, kale, salad mix, lettuce, jalapeƱos, tomatoes

Sweet peppers, black tomatoes, purple beans, eggs, fat carrots, onions

cabbages, yellow carrots, sweet carrots, purple carrots, acorn squash

another squash, burdock, cucumbers, apples

Day 13 reflections: The feeling of "What's the point of this" still remains today. I just really enjoy eating food that I enjoy. I also enjoy relaxing with wine or beer. Not having these things to enjoy is both annoying and boring. We've discussed this a lot and are going to keep on with the program just to see what happens. I also totally understand that this whole concept of the Whole30, and then complaining about the Whole30, is a ridiculous first world problem that I am pretty much wallowing in right now. And for that I apologize--my whining is totally out of line from a global perspective. I am thanking the god & goddess that I'm able to even try things like this.

Apart from the 5K this morning we also went apple picking. It was a perfect day. Fall is in the air. It was cool and windy, the sky was that particular September blue, and we found ourselves covering up shorts and T-shirts with pants and hoodies. Come to think of it, apples are a very necessary part of our Whole30. (I also think that September is very necessary--harvest is in full bounty and it's amazing. This would be truly awful in, say, February.) There is one thread of the Whole30 forum about naming your top 10 necessary foods during the 30 days. So far mine would be (not in order):
  1. apples
  2. garlic
  3. ghee
  4. acorn squash
  5. avocado
  6. eggs
  7. sweet potatoes
  8. blueberries
  9. lettuce
  10. cauliflower
Whether or not you're trying a particular eating program, what are your top foods that you couldn't live without?


Alice said...

oh i love lists! here goes: eggs, coffee (with milk and sugar), avocado, cheese of any kind, crackers (or any snack item that cheese can top), nuts (any kind), wine, salami (or pepperoni-any variety, potatoes, lemons. Not so Whole30 at all is it!?

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Ooh, thank you, I like your list! Lemons are a very cool choice--I brightened up a homemade tomato sauce with lemon zest and it made ALL the difference! Indispensable.