Whole30 Day 5: Losing Power

I think I'm running out of my natural resources and my body is going to have to figure out how to function on just kale and beef and whatnot. Here's today's food.

Same old breakfast: egg, sweet potato, yummy black tea


Black plum


Ginger beef soup with spinach

Sardines (I only ate the top bit)
Chicken stew & cauliflower rice
Day 5 reflections: My run today was odd. Usually I run about a 5k and feel fine--like I have reserves of energy that last throughout my run, and then throughout the day. This time I felt completely tapped out after about 10 minutes. I turned around early in fact, because I knew I needed to use what I had left to get home! The Whole30 does say that energy will lag around this point, so I'm not worried. Looking forward to sleeping in a little on Saturday morning though!

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