Whole30 Day 19. And Yolandi Visser.

Source: google.co.nz via K. on Pinterest

I have long wanted to dress up as Yolandi Vi$$er from Die Antwoord for Halloween. I would need a very special wig to do it. I should probably also lose about 40 pounds because girl is tiny. And also borrow a white rat for the evening.

Wouldn't she be an AWESOME costume?

But the Whole30! Oh yes! It is day 19. After today there are "just" 10 days left. Maybe it sounds better to say we're almost two-thirds done. No. I like just 10 days left.

Today's interesting medical discovery is that I don't have to breathe as hard when I'm running. I don't huff and puff. Is my endurance improving? My VO2 max or whatever? My energy still seems up and down, so this is a separate thing.

Burned breakfast: sweet potato, sausage, kale


I ate it during a meeting at work, forgot to take a pic. 

Amazingly juicy apple--I think it was a Zestar

Dinner: crockpot Thai curry thing over acorn squash with green beans
Day 19 reflections: Everyone at work ordered Chinese food except for me. I ate my salad.

It's Friday night and I'm drinking seltzer again. One more dry Friday to go.

This is the last day of summer! I think we had an OK summer. I got to travel a tiny bit. I feel like I'm in good shape. Work is going well. My family is doing OK. We are, as they say, "all good."

Fall goals: Clean out the garage. Fix the front hallway. Clean up my sewing station. Keep running until the snow flies. Maybe get a date night or two in there.

What's on your plate for fall?


Alice said...

Plans for fall: Attempt to start running again, so I can compete (ahem, kick butt) in a 5K, and a half marathon in 2013; Cook more real meals-paleo style maybe, or just fancy enough for all 5 members to enjoy; attend book club regularly, or start my own book club; read more books; clean out and consign most of the baby stuff in the house. Convert toys, clothes, etc. from baby to toddler-ness; re-vamp and pair down my closet and drawers. Your paleo experiment is really interesting. I find during the summer months when we get a CSA basket, we eat a similar diet, except there are potatoes an occasional pasta dishes. I found it is more cooking that I'm up for, and often just get tired of the same old thing. But it is definitely as you say "just the food I eat." There aren't really dishes and recipes, it's just prepared seasonal vegetables and meat or fish. Gets boring. Add wine, and it's better.

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Those are great plans, wow! I like the book club idea. Consigning baby stuff sounds VERY cleansing and satisfying and not too hard. Yay running!

Yes, good points about just "preparing" what's seasonal. That's true--pick the protein, pick the veg, pick the herbs, pick the heating method, done. I'll be interested to see how the paleo stuff I'm learning will influence my "normal" cooking. Or rather, how my normal cooking will come back... I don't really remember it any more :)