Whole30 Day 22, Takeout!

Chugging along with the Whole30 eating program. In the past few days 3 separate people have commented on my "losing a lot of weight." I must admit I'm feeling good. As I've explained before, you're not supposed to actually weigh yourself during the Whole30. That's fine, since I hardly ever weigh myself anyway. I prefer to go by how I feel and how my pants fit. Right now I feel good and my pants fit just about the way I like them. Any more and I'd have to buy smaller pants, which is not good.

Today's food:

I forgot to take a picture. It was really good. Plus sweet potatoes and tea.

BLACK COFFEE in my ridiculous travel mug

Look look! A meal I didn't make myself! It's a.... salad.

Mid-afternoon snack: last of Thai chicken stew

Lamb curry over acorn squash with green beans

Dessert snack: apples & almond butter
Day 22 reflections: Yes, for the first time during this program I actually ate something prepared by a stranger. A salad with oil and vinegar. Oh boy! It was nice to be able to order something along with the others at the office though. I saved my other lunch, the chicken stew, for a tea-time snack.

So after today we have one week left. I'm already starting to get nostalgic about this experience, isn't that ridiculous?
Week 1 was: I am so confused, this food is strange.
Week 2 was: Change is so hard, I think I'm getting it but I don't like it.
Week 3 was: I've totally got this. I've already changed. Whatever.
Now week 4 is: Wait, will I have to go back to that other strange food? I might get so confused! This is what I eat now!

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