Whole 30 Day 17, The Sweet Spot

You guys, I think this Whole30 thing might be working! We've been eating nothing but meat, seafood, veggies, fruit, healthy oils, nuts & seeds for the past 17 days (and a few allowed condiments and coffee). Lately we have been feeling OK I think! Today at dinnertime we were dancing around the kitchen improvising a song about pickles in Ethel Merman voices until the children begged us to stop.

Eating this way is also starting to feel so normal that I almost feel silly posting my food every day, because it's just... my food. I'm starting to forget this is all a mad experiment. It's starting to feel like life. (Another part of my mind is very keen on October 3rd though, and already planning what sort of "reintroductions" will occur first. I think it is fair to say that fermented grape beverages are ranking high on the reintroduction list.)

So here's today's photo documentation:

Stick-to-your-ribs breakfast: salsa avocado omelette, kale, sweet potatoes, yummy black tea


Lunch: salad, apple


Burger with mustard & pickle & fried onions, green beans, carrots

Day 17 reflections: So yeah, I'm feeling good. Lots of ideas flowing through my brain. My 10-minute run today (actually tonight, I ran in the dark at 8pm) felt stronger than I was expecting. My body is probably happy not to be dealing with all the garbage I usually consume, which is pretty much pale ale, sharp cheddar, and Cheerios if I recall. (I am not usually big on things like vegetables. Or fruit.) Also the meal planning--or the need to have a plan--is not as intense now. I think I'm understanding how to put meals together effectively. Having a huge breakfast definitely helps. Having a well-stocked fridge full of many options and pre-cooked stuff is also essential.

On a totally separate topic, is there a name for the phenomenon where you think you're one day ahead (or behind)? That keeps happening to me lately. I thought it was Thursday for ages today. Then I thought it was Tuesday. For the record, it is actually Wednesday. I think.

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