Whole 30 Day 25, Full Moon Vibes

I've been having problems with full moons lately. The one at the beginning of August really affected me--SO moody and grumpy and confuzled, having bad days and general lunacy. This upcoming moon (I think it's on Saturday) also seems particularly sizzling with all kinds of loopiness. It occurs to me that my sudden need for desserts and more snacks are related to moon-stress. I need something to get me through to the other side of this zapping from space! And this is not hippie woo-woo stuff either. It's science. If the pull of the moon is enough to change the tides, think about what it's doing to the fluids in your body and in your BRAIN. I have syzygy brain, and it's annoying.

Photos of food anyone?

Sweet potatoes, eggs, kale


I almost forgot to take a photo of my salad. Here's the last bits.

Snack: seaweed & apple

Dinner: salmon patties & broccoli
Day 25 reflections: I don't have much to report about the Whole30 today because I've just been dealing with life in general and no time to think (or moan) about food. My 6-year-old had an EPIC tantrum today complete with screaming, thrashing, room trashing, and other insanity. We find it very confusing and draining when this happens. We also don't know why it happens or what to do when it happens. I hope we'll laugh about this someday. Right now it is hard, though most of the time she is wonderful. Children!! And that darn moon!!!

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